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Robinswood Primary Academy


In 2023-24, PLA schools will be introducing 'Teach Computing' as their scheme of work. Further updates will be added here as the Trust adapts the scheme to best meet the needs of the children it serves.

The Teach Computing Curriculum ( is a comprehensive collection of materials produced to support 500 hours of teaching, facilitating the delivery of the entire English computing curriculum from key stage 1 to 4 (5- to 16-year-olds). The Teach Computing Curriculum was created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation on behalf of the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE). All content is free, and editable under the Open Government Licence (OGL —, ensuring that the resources can be tailored to each individual teacher and school setting. The materials are suitable for all pupils irrespective of their skills, background, and additional needs.

The aims of the Teach Computing Curriculum are as follows:

  • Reduce teacher workload
  • Show the breadth and depth of the computing curriculum, particularly beyond programming!
  • Demonstrate how computing can be taught well, based on research
  • Highlight areas for subject knowledge and pedagogy enhancement through training The Teach Computing Curriculum resources are regularly updated in response to feedback