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Robinswood Primary Academy

Our Staff

As Head of School I’m delighted to welcome you to the team. I have the greatest pleasure in spearheading this team of experienced and professional staff who provide your children, our pupils, with an outstanding education on all levels. Our pupils, learn from the best - from our inspirational teachers with a genuine passion for teaching to our staff that support these teachers and ensure that the school is safe and secure. Everyone in the team is key to ensuring that your children receive the best education in a nurturing and safe environment allowing them to learn and grow as individuals.

Alison Walker



Senior Leadership

Head of School: Mrs Walker
Assistant Head of School: Mrs Millward
Assistant Head of School: Mrs Davis
SENDCo: Mrs Godwin



Staff Allocations

Whilst classroom teacher allocations are normally fixed for the current academic year, due to the varying nature of classroom needs and current funding, our teaching partners do sometimes move between classes, as and when extra provision is needed. Therefore the distribution our teaching partners should only be used as guide to our additional classroom support. 



Reception Classes

Oak Class Teacher: Mrs McDonnell
Oak Teaching Partner: Mrs Rossell 

Ash Class Teacher: Mr Foster
Ash Teaching Partner: Mrs Folks



Year 1 Classes

Teak Class Teacher: Mr Bowers
Teak Teaching Partner: Mrs Owen

Elm Class Teacher: Miss Harris
Elm Teaching Partner: Miss Dunn



Year 2 Classes

Beech Class Teacher: Miss Thompson
Beech Teaching Partner: Miss Trott

Pine Class Teacher: Miss Millington
Pine Teaching Partner: Mrs Taylor



Year 3 Classes

Hazel Class Teacher: Mr Knott
Hazel Teaching Partner: Miss Thomas

Birch Class Teachers: Mrs James
Birch Teaching Partner: Mrs Adams



Year 4 Classes

Cedar Class Teacher: Miss Haines / Miss Griffith
Cedar Teaching Partner: Miss Izatt

Maple Class Teacher: Mrs Dare / Miss Griffith
Maple Teaching Partner: Mrs Dawe



Year 5 Classes

Spruce Class Teacher: Mr Ratcliffe
Spruce Teaching Partner: Miss Amos / Mr Harniman

Willow Class Teacher: Mrs Howarth / Mrs Ford-Thomson
Willow Teaching Partner: Miss Cruz Duran



Year 6 Classes

Sycamore Class Teacher: Mrs Staten
Sycamore Teaching Partner: Mrs Rose

Chestnut Class Teacher: Miss Caddy
Chestnut Teaching Partner: Mrs Timbrell



Pre School

Acorns Pre School Lead: Mrs Phillips
Acorns School Partner: Miss Young
Acorns School Partner: Mrs Shipway



School Specialist Support Staff

SENDCo: Mrs Godwin
Assistant SENDCo: Mrs Ford-Thomson
Family Support & Safeguarding: Miss Amos
Learning Mentor & Thrive Practioner: Miss Doyle
High Needs Support: Miss Hipwell
Thrive Practioner: Miss Izatt
Thrive Practioner: Miss Young
School Administrator: Mrs Morgan
Attendance Officer & Safeguarding: Mrs Andrews



Kitchen and Dining Staff

Head Cook: Mrs Powell
Assistant Cook: Mrs Davies
Assistant Cook: Mrs Loader

School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Wildman
School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Vaughan
School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Bankovska
School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Constable

School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Miss Hamlin




Cleaner: Mrs Ali
Cleaner: Mrs Bankovska
Cleaner: Mrs Carter
Cleaner: Mrs Watts