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Robinswood Primary Academy

Physical Education


The PE curriculum for the Phoenix Learning Alliance is based on the mastery and application of fundamental movement skills. Five are focussed on during EYFS (running, jumping, hopping, catching and throwing)  building to 10 during Key Stage 1 (Throwing underarm, hopping, catching and bouncing a ball, running and overarm throw, jumping and skipping, rolling a ball and kicking).

These fundamental movement skills are then applied and further developed during Key stage 2 in sport specific units for games and in ever increasingly complex scenarios in Dance, Athletics and Gymnastics.

The intent behind the Phoenix Learning Alliance PE curriculum is to  provide opportunities for our children to experience, enjoy and excel in high quality PE and school sport incorporating a diverse range of motivational activities which offer life-long learning and a healthy lifestyle through challenge and competition, allowing the pupils to be the BEST they can be.


The Phoenix Learning Alliance uses the Lancashire PE scheme as the basis for its PE curriculum. Two hours of quality PE are taught every week with PE being assessed at the end of each unit of work. School follow a curriculum map and this curriculum has been designed to be cumulative and coherent, building on skills that the pupils have previously acquired. Lessons are adapted for pupils with SEND so that every pupil has an equal chance to be successful.

Schools engage with local competitions so that pupils get the opportunity to take part in inter school competitions.

PE Premium funding is used to support the delivery of the PE curriculum and enhance the sporting opportunities delivered by the schools in the Phoenix Learning Alliance.